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David Lukins



    We were pleased to have as our special guest David Lukin, on Friday 17th November 2006

    He played all styles including Jazz , parties, weddings, barn dance and ceilidh.

    What a great night it was.


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Rob Thorn

We were pleased to have as our special guest Rob Thorn, on Friday 15th September 2006

He plays a selection of up-beat Scottish, Irish & Continental music. Rob holds three British Championship Titles - Open Polka, Open Scottish and Virtuso Entertainment Champion and has performed live on BBC Radio Lancashire on several occasions. He is essentially an "ear player" and has benefitted from some lessons from Harry Hinchcliff. He is in the process of developing a career as a professional Accordionist.

About Rob Robert began playing the box at the age of eleven; starting with a small 48 bass accordion progressing to the Hohner Gola he plays today. Rob has a passion for music and enjoys sharing his music with others, entertaining everyone from family occasions to pubs, ceilidhs, private parties, weddings and charitable events. "In today's musical environment, it is difficult to cut across into the professional arena but Rob seems to be achieving this with considerable success and his fresh punchy style of accordion playing will in its turn provide inspiration for the next generation of players" Harry Hinchcliffe, Craven School of Music


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Steve Roxton

Steve Roxton

There was a large and appreciative audience at our March Club Night to welcome STEVE ROXTON and this welcome was very much deserved. He relates so well to his listeners and he seemed to enjoy the evening as much as we did. His playing and singing held something for everyone and a good singalong -and playalong at the end - went down well - we even had a couple of dancers briefly. A one- man- orchestra rendition of the 1812 Overture - cannons included - was followed later by his rousing Jerusalem ending , accompanied by waving flags and scarves. Everyone had a wonderful evening and hope to hear Steve again


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Mauro Carra

Mauro Carra

Mauro Carra started studying the accordion when he was only 9 years old, under the direction of Piero Barbieri. He continued his studies with Learco Gianferrari, who introduced him to the Musette genre. Over the years he has gained experience from the likes of many famous accordionists including Bruno Aragosti, Paolo Gandolfi, Renato Benelli, Gigi Stock and Carlo Venturi. His musical formulation as benefitted from participating in masterclasses given by expert artists in their field such as Classical and Musette expert Frederic Deschamps and of jazz maestros Renzo Ruggeri and Richard Galliano.

He has worked with various Italian record labels on a total of five albums to date.He is currently working on his sixth recording project, which promises to be completely different to his previous work, more harmonically sophisticated and stylistically more eclectic too. It will include some pieces written by himself as well as music written by some prominent Italian artists. It will also include some pieces written in collaboration with Isacco Comandini under whose expert guidance he is currently studying Jazz and Variet�.

His talent as a musician has led him to participate in many national and international competitions, where he has proved to be an excellent competitor achieving many first placings and abundant praise. He has worked with many ensembles throughout the entertainment industry as well as featuring in Accordion Festivals, both in Italy and abroad. At International Accordion Week in 2000, he performed as soloist in the Variet� category.

The following year he achieved enormous success at The London Accordion Festival held at the Wembley Complex, both as a soloist and then with the BBC Concert Orchestra in a special Gala Concert.In 2002 he continued his symphonic experience in an important concert with the Symphonic Orchestra of the Teatro Comunale di Bologna playing soundtracks from the films of Charlie Chaplin. In the same year he was chosen to represent Italy at the World Accordion Championships where he obtained sixth place.His busy concert schedule has taken him all over Italy and abroad in France, England, Spain and Germany and promises to take him further afield in the future.

Information taken from 'UK Accordions'Why not visit their web site

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Steven Best

Playing for us at our October club night was Steven Best who played his Accordion, Saxophone, Recorder, Guitar and Auto Harp.


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Purkiss Family

Our Guests visitors for 18th March was the very talented Purkiss Family Some of you may remember when Andrew played here previously- a very talented Accordion Player and his wife, a talented flautist and dancer. Andrew is a full time school teacher who has been out of the country for four years. The children are now learning to play a range of instruments and were joining their parents to provide what was an evening of great entertainment and fun.




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Romano Viazzani

Our guest visitor for our February 2005 Club night was once again the very talented Romano Viazzani


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On January 21st 2005 We had the pleasure of Jovan Rnjaik.


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Our guest visitor for our November club night was the very talented Karen Street

Who was Demonstrating the New Roland Reedless Accordion

Karen started the accordion at the age of eight only because her big brother was having lessons, however it quickly turned into a passion and the highlight of her week became playing with the local accordion band which ploughed relentlessly through pieces like Sibelius' Finlandia, Leroy Anderson tunes and selections from the musicals. At the same time she took up the saxophone, playing in the local jazz band. She followed the accepted path for any budding accordionist and worked the accordion competition circuit (a bit like Come Dancing with squeeze boxes) becoming the British Virtuoso Champion in 1981/2, and consequently competing in the Coupe Mondiale (World Championship) in Hamburg and Folkstone. At that time the world of the classical contemporary accordion was very limited, so Karen turned to the saxophone and found herself in an all girl saxophone quartet 'The Fairer Sax' who appeared on television and radio and at festivals all over the world. In 1992 she was invited to join Mike Westbrook's big band on saxophone and accordion and has since been involved in many of his projects - the latest being "Chanson Irresponsable". Further invitations from Tim Garland led to tours with "Lammas", his project "Songs of Love and Liberty" and more recently in his "Made by Walking " tour playing alongside Geoff Keezer Joe Locke and Avishai Cohen . Other credits include, Phil Robson Octet, Steve Arguelles, Martha Lewis - Caf� Aman, and Roy Nathanson Karen has always been a composer and arranger and in particular has written many works for the saxophone. Her catalogue now extends from solos to large ensembles, many of which are published by Boosey & Hawkes, June Emerson and Saxtet Publications. Her pieces appear in virtually every music exam syllabus in the UK. Inevitably she turned her compositional skills to the accordion and finished up with her debut album - "Finally a Beginning". This collection of compelling compositions range in style from contemporary jazz to folk and tango reflecting her diverse musical influences. One of the compositions on the CD "In the Ballroom with the Rope" took first prize at the London Accordion Festival, Composition Competition in 2001. She has just recorded another CD again featuring Stan Sulzmann and Fred T Baker, with a guest appearance from Mike Outram on guitar. She also co-runs Saxtet with Andy Tweed her husband. This contemporary saxophone quintet uniquely has five composer/performers. Karen's material is very much at the heart of the group. Karen's accordion is a free bass accordion in which the bass has a range of five octaves unlike the limited standard bass of the stradella bass accordion. This freedom allows her to play melody, harmony and bass lines that has not been widely explored on the instrument.

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Our guest visitor for our September 2004 Club night was Jim Easton


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Our guest visitor for our April 2004 & October 2005 Club night was Two in Accord


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Playing for us on our February 2004 Club night Lisa Lee Leslie

Our special guest visitor for February's club night was the very talented Lisa Lee Leslie. Lisa comes from a very talented family background.

She started learning the Accordion at the age of four. Lisa has won numerous competitions including UK Accordion Championship on numerous occasions between the ages of 13 to 18. She was the first Accordionist to ever get through to the final in the local young musicians of the year and she came second in the finals (Beating the televised winner of the BBC young Musicians of the year who came 5th)

Lisa now teaches button and Piano Accordions, free bass and Stradella.

When Lisa plays she plays a 5 row continental chromatic Russian B system accordion Stradella and free bass, used for traditional accordion music, Argentinean tangos classical - such as Bach, Handel, Scarlatti. She also plays a 4-row Continental Chromatic B system Musette tuned accordion, which she uses solely for French music. numerous



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Playing for us on our December 2003 Club night Michael Maher

At our Christmas Party 2004. We had the pleasure of listening to the up and coming Michael Maher. Who Plays and Sings Irish Music. He regularily plays in Pubs And Clubs and he is a complete one man band with his electronic backing.

Carry on the good Music helping to keep the Accordion Alive



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Our Guest Star on the Friday 19th September was Claude Thomain

Claude Thomain is an Accordionist of great talent and recognised for the quality of his composition

Since 1976 he directed the Orchestra of Accordion of Paris, who performed in many French Theatres

He ended up returning to the Trio Mouloudji with which he remained for more than 20 years. But during this time Claude never ceased writing and arranging for Orchestra's, duets, Trio's and Accordion Solo's. some of which are well known pieces like "Shocking Waltz", "Wandering Note", "The Child Demon"

Claude also composed the Jazz no "Of the wind in the bellows".

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Our Guest Star on the Saturday 28th June was Danielle Pauly

Danielle Pauly is a very popular Accordionist. She turned professional in 1981.
Danielle Pauly likes to present an elegant image of the accordion and French culture while managing to adapt her programme to todays public.

Malcolm N Gee from the Accordion News GB says "Her popularity is due to the high quality and diversity of her programme, together with her stage presence and warmth of communication with her audiences."

She has travelled to many parts of the world including Hungary, Russia, Sweden, Great Britain, Norway, Denmark, Japan, India, Cambodia, China, Thailand and Korea.

She has also performed on Live Network Television.

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On the 18th April 2003 Our Guest Visitor was - Pete Rosser


Peter Rosser has been a freelance community musician since 1990, working in the south west and further afield, with current projects in Wakefield, Coventry and Devon. Originally a classical pianist, was inspired by jazz workshops in Sheffield in the 1980s and then by John Stevens' Search and Reflect to re-learn everything he knew through jazz and free improvisation. He took up the accordion and amp; discovered exciting music from all over the world. Since moving to Stroud in 1990, he has focussed mainly on composing and facilitating large and small scale community music projects - oratorios for choirs and big bands, songwriting in schools, music for silent films, and much special needs work. Occasionally he still gets to play some jazz� Experienced, eclectic, fast and furious Monk-influenced piano-stylings developed over years of theory and practice. Currently (2002) specialising in tango accordion.

15 years of community music work in all imaginable situations, including runnung jazz worshops in schools and wider community.


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On the 18th October 2002 Our Guest Visitor was - Romano Viazzini

Pictured here are all the organizers of The First London Accordion Festival 2001
reviewed by Vladimir Zubitsky
- Romano and Janet Viazzini with Dou Zubitsky after his concert.
Which was held at the Wembley Conference Centre ( Wembley, London)

Romano Viazzini is the person on the right in the above picture

Information Taken from

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Friday 17th May 2002 and 16th June 2006 - Alexander Korbakov

We were pleased to have our special guest Alexander Korbakov, who most of you will have seen on one of his earlier visits to the U.K.

Alexander Korbakov was born in 1962 in Kamyshin on the river Volga. He studied at the conservatoire in St Petersburg. Where he still lives and works.

He plays with the Russian State Concert Orchestra with small ensembles and as an accoupanist. He has made regular tours of U.K, Ireland and Germany.

Alexander adapts his programmes to his audience. He plays favourite accordion pieces from around the World together with Russian Folk melodies. Has Classical repertoire includes work written for the accordion by Russian composers. Some items are played on a Saratov Concertina.

His special designed Jupiter accordion enables him to play works by composer such as Bach an Bethoven. Music for piano, organ, violin or voice has been transcribed by Alexander for concert performance.

His virtuoso playing, his charisma and his quiet charm make Alexander a performer of major significance in the accordion world.

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Friday 19th April 2002 - Club's Birthday Party

The club's birthday party was celebrated on Friday 19th April and were pleased to announce that our special guest was the Top Russian Duo Vladimir Ushakov and Svetlana Stavitskaja who were such a sensation at the recent Autumn Accordion Festival at Pakefield.

They are husband and wife members of the St Petersburg Musette Ensemble and were performing a well balanced programme of Music from France, Germany and Russia as well as works by Astor Piazzolla.

If you missed it, you missed a great night of celebrating the 12 years of Guildford Accordion.

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On Friday 15th February 2002 - GARY BLAIR

Gary Blair was our guest artist, who is one of the most popular and entertaining accordion players around today.

Gary is in great demand for playing at dances and loves to see people taking part in a set or two. So it was lots of fun for all family and friends. What a great night of music and fun

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On Friday 18th January 2002 - Colette O'Leary

You never no what to expect on Club Nights because January 18th 2002 Club Night turned out to be an extra special one as we had a surprise visit from a very talented Irish Musician


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